Enigma WIP

I finally got around to jolting myself out of my mosaic lethargy and start one of the commissions I need to be plugging away at… The client’s brief was for a mandala in blues and greens. The piece measures approximately 35cm (~14″) across. It is a simple enough wall hanging, but for some reason I am having a very hard time with this one! It flows and then it stops 😦 Enigma was the name that came to me before I even started it, and an enigma it has been! I never name my pieces before. The title always comes while I’m creating it. I got back into the groove over the last weekend and sat down to it last night and looked and looked. It’s very unusual for me, and now somewhat disturbing! Nevertheless I do think jumping in without my heart in it is a bad choice for me, as I always end up disliking the piece. So I will wait. It will come to me eventually, like a slap on the face and I’ll wonder why I was agonising over it for so long!

Anyway, here is the piece as it stands today. Too many possibilities… though looking at it objectively in a photo simplifies some things. It’s there, it knows what it wants. I wish it’d speak to me!

Enigma... changing



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5 responses to “Enigma WIP

  1. Yes!!! Yay for the internet! πŸ™‚
    Thanks Carol, you’re too kind. Spent most of yesterday agonising over it again. Think I might be getting somewhere, finally!

  2. Carol Shelkin

    This is looking wonderful…a distinctive… “Kim Grant Mosaic.” I love your style. Carol

  3. Thankyou! πŸ™‚ I checked it out and am glad for 2 reasons; that I now know Virginia is blogging and also for reading the post. I think after having the client over for a cuppa, I may have some direction now…

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