Artist Watch: Christa Gampp & Torso Mosaics for a Great Cause

I recently came across some really wonderful mosaics of torsos on Flickr. I will admit to not necessarily finding the ol’ usual torso so appealing, but something was different about these ones and I went to investigate. Well, firstly these are casts made from real women. That makes all the difference there in my opinion – not these moulds of what a woman’s body “should” look like! Secondly all the torsos had been made by an artist, Christa Gampp aka torsolady, to raise awareness for breast cancer. What I particularly loved about these too, was that Christa actually got to know these women who volunteered their chests (!) and brought that into the mosaics. What a great touch!

To some great mosaics and to a wonderful cause, here is more about Christa and her torsos in her own words…

“When my mom passed away from breast cancer in 2005, I wanted to use my artistic talents to help find a cure and raise awareness on breast health issues. A friend of mine suggested that I create plaster torso casts of women volunteers to raise funds for breast cancer research. I really liked the idea and the CHEST OF HOPE project was born.

My art medium is usually painting on canvas or paper, but since my first torso volunteer was a Jewelry Artist and I decided to use mosaic tiles and glass beads to capture the essence of this model.

The finished artwork turned out so well that I decided to create all torso casts as mosaics. Each of the torso artworks is different and reflects the personality or history of the woman volunteer. My love for exploring different materials led me to include stained glass, broken china, and tempered glass. I also used found natural objects, such as pebbles and acorn shells.

We’ve celebrated our first annual CHEST OF HOPE fundraiser in October 2007 during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The torsos, including 10 torsos from guest artists, were offered for sale at a silent auction and proceeds went to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

It looks like CHEST OF HOPE is going to be an annual event and I’m looking forward to the next fundraiser in October 2008.”

Here are a few pics from Christa’s flickr site, and I encourage you all to check out more of them, aswell as her beautiful, beautiful website – I’m in love with the navigation bar on this site. It’s all my swirl-ho dreams come true!!! 😉

Torso Mosaic, East Indian Design originally uploaded by torsolady

Torso Mosaic with Pink Roses originally uploaded by torsolady

Torso Mosaic originally uploaded by torsolady

I love the tempered glass in this one. They’re all so pretty!


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6 responses to “Artist Watch: Christa Gampp & Torso Mosaics for a Great Cause

  1. vida

    I would like to mosaic a torso but donot know where to find a mould. can u help me

  2. Hello – here is the information…..
    The event is on the 6th April and it’s in a small village in the Aude (Carcassonne is our nearest airport).I am looking for a mosaic artist who would be prepared to have a stall and possibly demonstrate……

  3. France, selling mosaics?! Are you kidding!!! My two passions in one… What do you need the mosaics for? I’d be very open to more information 🙂

  4. Oh wow what a find – I love them! Especially the third one. Would love to have them in my boutique for displaying jewellery on! Not that they need dressing up! I am also just in the process of organizing a cultural event in France and am desperate for someone to sell mosaics!

  5. I’ve heard of people making plaster casts of their pregnant stomachs, as well as of their breats before a mastectomy. This is an improvement over that basic idea though. They’re beautiful. I think the first one’s my favorite.

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