Artist Watch: Jane Denison

Up next for some amazing mosaics – this time a little closer to home – is Jane Denison, aka janemoz on Flickr. Jane lives in Byron Bay, NSW Australia. A lovely part of the world if I may say so myself… I “met” her through the Mosaic Addicts Group and when she joined Flickr I was pretty quick to peruse her lovely, lovely work. I love Flickr for that: instant gratification…

Jane started making mosaics five years ago. Something about the freedom in the art form attracted her. In the eyes of a beginner, it appeared as if there was no “wrong” way to approach mosaics. Her opinions have since changed – now when she sees a mosaic artwork she marvels at how much thought has gone into the placing of each tiny piece.

Movement and contrast are the two aspects Jane aims to incorporate within her work. Creating “movement” is somewhat contradictory when glass and ceramic tiles are unwieldy by nature. And yet, this is the challenge!

Jane claims to yet break out and take mosaics to a professional level. Most of her mosaics are produced from requests of friends, family and the community. Although these are gratefully appreciated, her aim is to work towards an exhibition. I would argue though that the fact that she is creating all these wonderful works of art and installing them is “professional” in and of itself 🙂

Presently, however, Jane’s main focus is on being a mum while also completing a degree in Arts History at Queensland University. It’s a wonderful balance for her to mosaic after studying all day – getting away from being theoretical about art, and into a practical understanding of it.

A love for learning has led Jane to doing several mosaic courses. The first course was with Scott Harrower – who is now President of the Mosaic Association of Australia & New Zealand (MAANZ). Her mosaic interests have also led her to travel to Italy and study under Martin Cheek. It was Cheek’s course that introduced her to Italian smalti and millefiori, both of which are used in her most recent mosaics.

In the future Jane would like to continue the trend of mixing travel and mosaics. Istanbul, with its wonderful Byzantine mosaics, is next on the list! And I think I won’t be too far behind!

Some of my favourite examples of her work are below, but you MUST check out her flickr site for more…

gate originally uploaded by janemoz

This is the gate that made me notice her… How amazing is this?! After walking through an entrance like that every day I’d feel at home to be sure… but what a welcome for everyone else!? Her brother made the gate for her, cement sheet built into it for the substrate of the mosaic. Looks like talent runs in the family… The gate then sat on her dining table for 6 months while she laboured over it…

Peacock originally uploaded by janemoz

pool mosaic originally uploaded by janemoz

blue bird (finished) originally uploaded by janemoz

Lotus stepping stone originally uploaded by janemoz

Only one example of her many fantastic stepping stones. I believe she does them all reverse indirect.

Mosaic for Bev’s swimming pool originally uploaded by janemoz

This is Jane’s current WIP. I understand it measures 1.5 x 1.5m and is a mural next to a pool. It’s looking amazing already… I love to see how different mosaic artists work, in particular how they begin with laying their ideas down. How detailed does it need to be? It seems from this example Jane has it all in her head 🙂 It’s just fascinating to me…

And lastly, the Artiste in question…

Jane Denison



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3 responses to “Artist Watch: Jane Denison

  1. Caz Kovacs

    Great read Kim and Congratulations Jane. I love your work Jane. You are an inspiration.

  2. rex

    its pritty cool work keep it up

    bestoff luck

  3. Jane

    we are looking at you in Taos New Mexico,USA, you beauty xxxxx love Jane Carlin Denison

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