Liam’s new whale WIP

My son has always been rather artistic. I knew the moment he was born he was going to be creative. He’s been quite interested in making mosaics and after Jet Booster he is now making another stepping stone. This time he drew an underwater scene – a whale with a baby whale swimming above and a few other creatures. Sooo cute 🙂 I love his drawings… In fact I love kids’ drawings…

This time we’re doing it on mesh. Much easier than the reverse indirect!

Liam's drawing for his next mosaic

Having a whale of a time!

Liam's WIP



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2 responses to “Liam’s new whale WIP

  1. Thanks so much Donna. I hope all my kids do. It’s a fine line to walk being a parent. I hope I can support what they’re great at while also support the things they struggle with 🙂

  2. How awesoome is this!!! He is showing so much talent at such a young age. Way to go letting him get into the arts at such a young age! He will go far!!

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