Sacred Compass

Well I got to finishing the table/wall hanging (?). I prefer it as a wall hanging I think. Went with a chocolate grout and I think it turned out pretty well. Sometimes it’s nice to just not be stressed about getting something “perfect” – what is that anyway!!!? So I feel like it’s a good mosaic-start to the year! I ended up going with a dark brown background, originally was going to do a light brown. I wasn’t sure once I finished it, but now that it’s been a few days I’m happy with the choice. Am not 100% with the name. Titles for my pieces used to come sooo easily. Now I seem to not be able to listen as intently. Anyway, I looked at this and saw “directions”, a compass… Somewhat metaphoric perhaps to where I am in Life right now.

Sacred Compass

Sacred Compass - detail

I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to photograph my mosaic… I know everyone says don’t use a flash and just use natural light. This one is in natural light, no flash. But on most of my other pieces I’ve always used a flash and actually think I get truer colours with the flash… Otherwise it tends to look very flat and blah… It’d be nice to have the bright studio lights all set up. I should really pester my sister who is a photographer to get her to take photos for me…


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