Next WIP

I have been commissioned to make another chicken ala Liberace which is super exciting, and I have a mural to also work on BUT the pull to get this piece started was too great. I got into it on the 2nd and havn’t been able to put it away… Not much to do really. I was armed with a compass, a ruler and an eraser and just drew what came to me. It’s always nice to work like that. I do have someone in mind for this piece, but am not sure if it will turn out to be a table or a wall hanging. I’m also feeling frustrated with the title – it’s right at the tip of my tongue. It’ll come when it’s ready – they always do!

So far am happy with it though, it’s coming along nicely and pretty quickly 🙂 Am a little stuck on the background – I think I’ll keep it plain though…

A little further along



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4 responses to “Next WIP

  1. Oh Janet! Thankyou!!! Lovely to have you here 🙂 Do you make mosaics?

  2. janet

    OMG….I’m a fan of yours……this is amazing!

  3. Thanks Annie… All I need to do now is the background – have been caught up in other things!

  4. scribbleandscribe

    this is coming out great kim!

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