Shou Table Finished & Delivered!

Yay, the table has been finished and delivered. Client is happy. I am happy 🙂 My client’s friend brought out his trailer and glass truck to pick everything up. It went without a hitch. I didn’t even have to silicone the edges in the end: the glazier did it!!! Nice little perk, I don’t much like the job as it is very messy. But do it when it’s necessary.

The name for the table came about simply by the circular symbols in the design: Shou in chinese. It means longevity and is a good luck symbol. Slightly different designs abound and seem to change a little from country to country.

We had an “unveiling” of the mosaic yesterday. The kids were impressively well behaved and everyone loved the table. The food was great, company was great… Gotta love the Aussie Sunday BBQ 😉

Anyway, I’m quite pleased with myself. I am busy-busy getting pieces ready to sell at the Old Bus Depot Markets. Will be selling every weekend until Xmas. Am probably biting off more than I can chew but that’s just how it is right now.

Next project is a mural. Am looking forward to it – will start in the New Year.

bye bye...
Above: strapped to the truck and trailer… Below: in its new home…




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5 responses to “Shou Table Finished & Delivered!

  1. And what is it that you don’t agree with!?

  2. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  3. Thanks Annie 🙂 I super-duper padded all the edges and made sure it was on tight before going… worrier in me too 😉

  4. scribbleandscribe

    I think I would be terrified to see it on edge!
    I know they are strong but… It’s the worrier in me!
    It is just beautiful Kim

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