Mosaic Mural in Pyongyang North Korea

My friend, Danielle, who is currently writing her PhD on North Korean Human Rights recently went on a trip to North Korea!!! I’d love to go someday, though I think it is a place I will more than likely never end up going…

Anyway, she sent me some fantastic photos of a mosaic mural outside the National Theatre where they went to see The ‘Revolutionary Opera’ (혁명가극) called ‘The Flower Girl’ ( 꽃파는 처녀) 😉

The mosaic is amazing. I’m afraid I don’t have any information on it whatsoever, so just enjoy. It’s next to impossible to find out any information about any of this kind of thing because it’s hard to visit the country still. Amazing. It appears to be mostly ceramic, though I think there’s plenty of glass in it aswell. I could be wrong! It’s a large mural… Would’ve loved to have seen it with my own eyes! I just can’t get over how technically perfect it is!!!

Apparently there are mosaics, mostly in a similar style, all over Pyongyang. Can’t wait to see more pics Danielle 😉 Thanks for sharing them! XX

Pyongyang Mosaic Mural

Pyongyang Mosaic Mural - detail

Pyongyang Mosaic Mural - detail

Pyongyang Mosaic Mural - detail

Pyongyang Mosaic Mural - detail


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