Mosaic Graffiti, France

One of the things that I loved about France was the mosaic graffiti: the little, and sometimes very large, mosaic space invaders!!! They pop up in the most obscure places, but that’s all part of the fun. Here are the few that I snapped. I saw alot more though. The 2 in Nice were done on government buildings… lol. They seem to be tolerated because it doesn’t appear that anyone takes them down. Though why would you? I really like it! It was fun keeping an eye out for them and exciting when you spotted one 😉

There is a website dedicated to these guys called Space Invaders dot com. Check them out. They sell unique kits, and other paraphernalia. Just a bit of fun…

This little “invasion” has spread around the world. Originally from France, I believe, it has spread to North America, parts of Asia, Australia and Africa. The kids and I are scheming that perhaps we should go on a rampage here in Canberra!!! 😉 Apparently there are some in Perth and Melbourne. Never been to Perth and never seen any in Melbourne. Actually Melbourne is a real mosaic town! Will have to get down there some time soon…

Mosaic Graffiti - Nice

In one of the main plazas in Old Nice I saw the one above and below…

Mosaic Graffiti - Nice

This yellow one I snapped very quickly out the taxi window on my way to the Gare de Lyon, where  I tool a train to Antibes.

Mosaic Graffiti - Paris

This massive orange one  was snapped in the Bastille area of Paris.

Mosaic Graffiti - Paris

Mosaic Graffiti - Paris

Mosaic Graffiti - Paris

Also in the Bastille section of Paris was this yellow baby, snuggly fit into the tarred pavement…!?

Mosaic Graffiti - Paris

And the first one I spied. This was cool!  As you can see, high above the ground in the 6ème.


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One response to “Mosaic Graffiti, France

  1. andrew

    thats so strange, i’ve seen a few and just don’t know who or why

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