Hodori – Tongdaemun Stadium Subway

In Seoul, many of the mosaics were in subway stations. The 1988 Olympics were held at Tongdaemun Stadium, so of course it is only fitting that the mascot, named Hodori, be plastered all over the subway station walls.
The mascot was designed by Kim Hyun as a friendly tiger. Apparently, the name Hodori (호돌이) was chosen from over 2000 suggestions sent in by the public. “Ho” is derived from the Korean word for tiger (horangi/ 호랑이), and “dori” is a diminutive for boys in Korea. I will admit I was quite the fan back in ’88 lol 🙂

These murals are all made of ceramic 2cm tile, worked in a grid style. They were large too! I’m sure making all of these got tedious by the end but I think they turned out well.
Boxing 호돌이

Taekwondo 호돌이

Rowing 호돌이

Ping Pong 호돌이

Shooting 호돌이

Basketball 호돌이

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