Niki de Saint Phalle at the Negresco

On to France!

When I arrived in France I really thought I would see more mosaic than I did. Of course what I did see was fantastic! This one caught my eye while driving in to Nice, down the south of France. We did a U-ee (U turn) and stopped in to take a look.

The Negresco is the “It” hotel in this region. Everyone (apparently) who is anyone has stayed at this hotel and they command some fairly hefty prices on some of their rooms. What caught my eye was this mosaic sculpture by Niki de Saint Phalle right out the front. Of course Niki is just amazing, that goes without saying. This one is a mosaic sculpture of Miles Davis. Unfortunately it is not made accessible to the public, in that it has been gated off, so hands off and no close looks… However, you can get up close enough to see some detail. It’s wonderful!

Miles Davis

Miles Davis

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