Molly’s sunflower

We finished my daughter’s sunflower stepping stone today. Very cute! Though she’s adamantly told me we are giving this to Grandma… I wanted to keep it because I still don’t have any of her artwork in the garden. I think we’ll do another to fit with the boys’ round stepping stones by the Secret Hideout 🙂

Of course she wanted pink grout. I ought to make up some hot pink grout some day. I’m sure she’d love it! But the dark purple had to do. She wasn’t impressed, as most 3 year old little girls would not be when they don’t get their way. Life’s tough. 😉


We made this with ceramic tile that we had on hand, smashed with a tile hammer. The kids love to do mosaics like this. It’s exciting to break things as a youngster I think (as an adult too…) but also kids like instant gratification and working like this is exactly that.

I love the grout – a product by Custom Building Products. It was leftover of some I bought in the US last year. It is such a wonder to use. So easy to work with. We don’t have it here in Australia, of course. They also come in fantastic colours. The lads at the shop where I buy my supplies think I’m a nut when I start talking about all the things I’m looking for. Though they’re lovely and very helpful. I have thought of perhaps distributing it here, but it would be a whole other branch of business… Don’t know if I’m up for that yet, but we’ll see.


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4 responses to “Molly’s sunflower

  1. …I worked with glass mosaic with a friend who later died of cancer. The work gave her hope. The 6 pieces she did are now in the Oncology wing in a hospital in Paducah Kentucky! She did one with lightening bugs Jennifer said every small light of color reflected the many people that helped her. The small pieces became a metaphor for her life.

  2. So have you ever tried working on mesh first, as the standard tiles come for installation? I am a K-5 Art teacher and I think the heavy mesh would be a good base for individual group work,later to be assembled together as a large mural. I am on the hunt for the mesh….Cecilia in New Orleans La.

  3. 😉 Thanks. I think she did well too…

  4. That is the cutest sunflower ever!!!

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