Table on the go

Yesterday I got stuck into this table. Very exciting as it is now starting to come to life. Hopefully the tiles will be in shortly so I can continue on it. For now I’m just happy to have the pattern transferred.

I started outlining some of the borders directly. I think it will end up being partially direct, partially indirect. Thankfully I have a steady enough hand that when I work direct I can generally get a good, even surface. I brought the table inside because it’s too bloody cold outside to work, and I’ll be working on this mostly at night. There was no way I was going outside, at night to work in a Canberra August! So it’ll be interesting when we go to take it out of my studio 😉 It’s so heavy as it is!

I’m excited about this though now. I wasn’t feelin’ the lurve before, but now that I’m starting it’s feeling good. I’m just anxious to get moving on it.

Transferring pattern

Enlarging the pattern. There are various ways to do this and I think everyone has their way that works best for each different application. With this one I went the old fashioned way of measuring everything out using a ruler and keeping things square with a homemade chalk line. They’re the best! This method of enlarging is easy to do on a flat surface like this…

Some tiles down


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