Table Commission

Table design for a commission

This is the design for the table I’m making. I’ve just received the table from Nyree, who designed and made the table. Yay it’s very exciting!!! Out of all the designs, the client preferred this and chose these colours out of a variety that I made up. Of course this is a very crude interpretation of what it will look like, but it’s really just to give the client an idea…

I was really given artistic freedom on this so went with an Asian feel since the rest of the client’s home has a very Asian feel to it. It was also requested to keep it fairly subdued: nothing too brash, more earthy tones. Ceramic was chosen over glass. I’ve decided to use a vitrified ceramic.

These colours are really not very accurate and of course it is solid in this representation, which it won’t be in the final product. It’s very exciting though! I do need to trim off a little more on the substrate since our last effort because the table has been painted and a zinc layer also on it (for rust), so it has added a little bit of thickness to it. That’s what I’ll be busy with this weekend, buying the tiles and magnifying the design to fit the table.

I think it’s going to look good. I’m going to make every effort to have it finished before I leave in 3 weeks. It’s no drama if it doesn’t, but I’d really like to also for other reasons. Shall I set myself the challenge then?!


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2 responses to “Table Commission

  1. Hi Julianne,
    I’m glad you like the design, but I have a copyright on it and don’t sell my designs.
    All the best,

  2. Julianne


    I was wondering how do I get this mosaic pattern for the table as I would like to do one for myself.


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