Current WIP moving forward and a few other odds and ends

Well I managed to do a bit of grouting yesterday and finish off a couple things that were waiting for the day. A mirror for the markets and a picture frame, made as a commission piece. I’m trying to do little bits and pieces for the markets when I can. I figure that way my inventory will be on the up and up for Xmas. I have been just too busy with life to manage doing the markets as often as I’d like, and have found that I need a good solid 2 or so weeks to re-supply once I’ve done one. Mosaics seem to be a long process over all. There’s so much waiting in between each step: prepping the substrate, waiting for it to dry. Gluing all the tesserae down, waiting for it to dry. Grouting, waiting for it to dry. Sealing, waiting (not so long thankfully!) for it to dry!!! And then all the last minute detailing such as binding the edges, painting the reverse sides etc… Detail for me is key and I always present my pieces as a finished product.

Jeez, putting it like that it would make any non-mosaic-bit person think we’re all mad! 🙂 …or maybe just me! lol

This is the mirror, made from an IKEA mirror. Discovered these on my last little adventures with that place. They’re really quite perfect for it! I was much more in a “whatever” mood, having also been working on Utopia, which is a way more precise and organised piece. I called this one Gypsy.


Picture frame:


Lastly, I decided on a charcoal grout for Babooshka. I’m still not 100% about it… Still, she’s growing on me. I’ll feel better when I get around to finishing her face. I’m doing her face a vanilla, wanted to keep her face light. So more waiting 😉 Almost there… I’m hopefully having a mosaic day with my friend on Friday, and she’s a good critic of my work, so it’ll be good to get some feedback from her too.

Babooshka - body done

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