Backyard Project at the Dickson Library

Back in 2003 Katy Gallagher launched another artsACT funded community project over at the Dickson Library. Headed once again by the Majura Women’s Group, they collaborated with ceramic artist Bev Hogg. Bev is also responsible for all the tile art that adorns the surrounds of the Dickson Shops.

This community project resides inside the library, in the childrens’ reading corner. It depicts animals from the kids’ Club Cool reading program. So far as I can tell, it seems to concentrate only on Australian animals – the cockatoo, the platypus, the kangaroo, the possum, the koala, the wombat and the mythical creature, the bunyip. Basically themes out of Australian childrens’ books like The Magic Pudding, by Norman Lindsay (one of my favourite artists by the way!!)

The tiles have been handmade out of ceramic and then painted. What I love about this, though, is the fact that the tiles are tactile. It’s perfect for children as they love to touch everything, which of course is an important aspect to their overall growth.

The mural, aptly named ‘Backyard Project’, was made in 2002.

Dickson Library

Dickson Library

Dickson Library

Dickson Library

Dickson Library

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