One of my current WIPs

The deadline for the Mosaic Symposium is coming up. I decided a little while ago that I wouldn’t put anything in because time is an issue currently. Well, the other day I changed my mind, probably because I really am a glutton for punishment. I just submitted some work to Art Sydney 07 and have decided to submit some work into the Mosaic Symposium being held in Tasmania this year. Unfortunately, I will miss it. Going OS – my first travels alone since having the kids. Very exciting, a little worrying too though…

Anyway, so after deciding that I will put something into the exhibition I got to thinking what?! I was going to put in Kashmir, but then I sold it. So I thought I’d do a babooshka. Something that’s been playing around in my head for some time now. I don’t know how I feel about her right now… She’s way to cutesy for my liking. But admittedly my pieces change sometimes considerably throughout the process, so I guess we’ll see. Just hope I can finish her before the 20th!!!

This is also my first “face”. I mentioned before that portraiture is not my strong point, never has been. I’ve found mosaic to be very forgiving, in that I can use patterns and shapes as opposed to having to be “artistic” if you know what I mean. Perhaps why I have found my medium!

Babooshka, drawn

Here I’ve drawn the outline of the shape.

Babooshka, cutting out

Cutting out the shape with  the best birthday gift ever… that I gave to my husband (!) 😉 I really need to get that rated mask!

After sealing it, I start to mosaic.

Babooshka, to be

See!? Too cutesy. I have to keep telling myself to be patient. I guess worse comes to worse, I just won’t enter it.

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