The American Visionary Art Museum

avamwall3w, originally uploaded by marstokyo.

On the walls outside of The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD is a wonderful mirror mosaic initially headed by Jack Livingston who was assisted by high school students. He started the project back in 2002. It was then taken over by Mari Gardner, also assisted by students, where she finished off the balcony area.

I love this mural simply because it’s a little different to the usual mosaic mural one might come across. It’s elegant and I love how it’s been sectioned off into it’s own separate “tile” and yet still coherent as a whole. Each panel measures 3 x 5 feet and is made up using mirror and stained glass.


avamwall4 originally uploaded by marstokyo



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3 responses to “The American Visionary Art Museum

  1. I love the Visionary Art Museum. I was so inspired after seeing the magical mirror mosaics and art cars, I am considering transforming my own car!

  2. montae

    cool beans!!!!

  3. hi kim, I was just here last month, and was so fascinated by the facade! There are a lot of blue bottles embedded in the walls, and this is a native Baltimore material. “Bromo Seltzer” was based there and supported several glass foundries that specialized in the production of blue glass bottles, including for Noxema. (you remember, that cool, refreshing face cream?)

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