Having gone on a bit of a mosaic-hiatus in the last couple months, I finally finished Molly’s dollhouse. Well, kind of. I still want to do the floors and walls, but I’m afraid it will have to be a gift, perhaps to my grandchildren at this stage!!! Nevertheless, someday when I can devote time to it, I will.

It was weird actually, when I started again. It was almost like I forgot how to do it. That was a strange feeling, and getting back into the hang of things was a little disconcerting… It had only been a couple months, but obviously a couple months too long! I think my life is just too crazy right now, that my mosaic has taken a backseat and I don’t like that feeling. So one class has been dropped and I keep saying to myself this semester will be finished in 3 months!!!

I was quite happy with the way this one turned out, though I think the background took away from the richness of what I wanted it to be. Still, it’s done and Molly likes it.

I decided on the name ‘Utopia’ because to me it conjures an imaginary state of affairs where everything is perfect. A dollhouse and everything that it pertains is exactly that.

Here it is ready to be grouted:

Utopia - ready for grout :)

And me grouting it, looking very serious (!):
Grouting Utopia

And, ta-da!:


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