Isaiah Zagar’s mural at IMA

When I visited the Institute of Mosaic Art last year in Oakland (a must do every time I go to the Bay Area), I snapped the mural made by Isaiah Zagar. Yes, we all know Isaiah and the fact that he is a legend in the Mosaic Art World so I won’t comment on his work… šŸ˜‰ However, needless to say the mural is amazing in person and took only 3 days to make! From what I understand Laurel True, who owns and operates IMA, started out doing mosaics under Zagar. Nice way to do it!

Here is a pic I took of it, it’s huge…

Mural at IMA

And a video by Stacy Alexander of the making of the mural…

Building a Mural with Isaiah Zagar by Stacy Alexander


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