Campsie RSL

Over the long weekend my family and I headed on over to Sydney – yet again – for a family reunion. These are always a blast, probably for many reasons, the main one being that you catch up with family that you have not seen in many years… It’s always good. The other is that it always is a bit of a raucous, drunken fest! This time the reunion was narrowed down to descendants of my paternal grandfather. There are many of us! Hard to believe we are all here because of one man, if you want to look at it like that. Atleast that was the shared commonality. I look forward to the next, I think I volunteered myself to organise it. I’m a glutton for punishment, but do love this kind of thing and figure I have atleast a year, maybe two to do it in… Probably won’t wait two years though!

Anyway, mosaic related? Can you believe that yes it is! The front entrance to the Returned Services League in Campsie (where we had the reunion) is all mosaic 😉

I have not heard back from anyone as to who the artist is or when it was installed. The entire mosaic is made from glass tile. Other than the white grout (in my opinion one should never use white grout in mosaic!!!), it’s a good piece. Particularly for it’s purpose. See!? Mosaic is so versatile!

RSL Campsie

RSL - close up


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