The Spirit of Enquiry

Simply because I should now be studying for my exams, I’m going to post pictures of some tile art at my University… I’m such a procrastinator!!! I have been accused of this since I was a kid and hated it back then, but alas it is true 😉 I am, however, proud to say it stems more from working well under pressure: I always get the job done by the deadline!!!

Anyway (!),  the Australian National University here in Canberra houses a public art commission located in the Union Court. Commissioned in 1999, it was finished in 2001. The artist is Deborah Halpern.

It is basically abstract tile art – all the tiles having been hand painted by Halpern herself onto what appears to be ordinary ceramic tiles. Certainly adds a bit of colour to Union Court. Apparently Halpern is inspired by Picasso in some of her works and this seems evident to me here too.

The Spirit of Enquiry, Australian National University

ANU - The Spirit of Enquiry

ANU - The Spirit of Enquiry



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