Jet Booster

My gorgeous 5 year old just finished his stepping stone yesterday. This was an ongoing project from the last school holidays: me trying to get the kids busy while also involving them with my interests. My kids have always been interested in my mosaics and have wholeheartedly embraced it taking over every inch of spare room in our house (!), so when I scored these stepping stones from a faraway neighbour I thought it would be fantastic to get them to do one each.

Now I must say, keeping childrens’ attention is no mean feat when it comes to mosaic as they are not so interested necessarily in the process as much as seeing the final product. These stepping stones are also very large (60cm x 60cm), so I had to think of a way that would be fun for them, something they could put down when they wanted to and come back to it when they wanted aswell. As difficult as the concept may have been at first for Liam to do everything upside down (aka “the Special Way”), he cottoned on very quickly and the nice thing about doing things in reverse is that it seems to go by much quicker. Atleast it does for me… Don’t quite know why, but every project I’ve done indirect and in reverse has been finished in a few days… It is certainly a much more finnicky process and I always swear I’ll never do another project this way, but…

Anyway, this one is made entirely out of ceramic and the stars are glass. Liam did everything from breaking the tile (wish we had photos of that – it was very cute! He had the safety glasses, the massive gloves and the hammer!) to the design itself and the choice of colours. By the time he got to the background he had had enough, so I finished off the background and the moon. We glued and grouted all at once using the grout as the adhesive- won’t do that again, but it worked great! He loved the mud (what kid doesn’t?!) but I finished off with the grout. It was simply too late at night and also the grout was just too sticky. Otherwise he essentially did the whole thing himself! So clever!

Adhering Jet Booster

Gluing the piece onto the stepping stone…

Jet Booster

Ta-Da! This one is called “Jet Booster”.

I simply love it! My kids are so clever 😉


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