Macquarie Primary School

The Macquarie Primary School is home to a few mosaics made by Linda Davy. Linda is a prominent artist in the Canberra region and a mother of students at the primary school. I believe she made these in 2005, but I could be wrong! She was awarded an ACT Children’s Week Award in 2005 for her work here.

The chess pit was made with the help of students – I’m not sure which class – and all the materials used are ceramic on concrete stepping stones. Not too sure what the cubes are made of.

Apparently this is the spot for the Y 6s to hang out in… 😉 There are also large chess pieces that were purchased so the kids can play a game of chess when they want to.

There are also more pics of this on my Flickr site in the set called ‘Canberra Mosaics’.

Macquarie Primary Welcome Panel

This, as great as it is, is a good example of what not to do when making a big mural. You can see exactly where the seams are – such a shame because that ruins a potentially great piece! This is where cutting up the mural in “puzzle pieces” comes in handy and then not mosaicing right to the edge of each but rather, once up, filling in the mosaic so that it is seamless… Pretty important on large pieces! Otherwise pretty fantastic!






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2 responses to “Macquarie Primary School

  1. Yes I think so too, and such a difference it makes having it in a school!

  2. Lisa

    The chess pit and the cubes are so lovely.

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