Cafe Hoz

Over at the Canberra Hospital is Cafe Hoz, with these 2 mosaic wall hangings sitting out front. They’re beautiful, atleast I really like them specifically the blue flower.

These ones were made around 10 – 11 years ago, I’m told. Not sure of the artist, though I know she is female. It seems to me these are the works of Suzie Bleach. It certainly has her “look”. All ceramic, I’d say they are probably around 80 or so centimetres in diameter. Hopefully someone will get back to me with the artist and I will update the post.

I still struggle with doing words. Probably because I generally don’t do them, but I love how this has been executed. Very clean and presice I suppose and definitely stands out. I think the cup looks pretty awkward – the perspective is all off – but it doesn’t seem to take anything away from the pieces as a whole.

Cafe Hoz - Panel 1

Cafe Hoz - Panel 2

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One response to “Cafe Hoz

  1. Loved the photos of the mosaics on your page! Please check mine out. I am a “self-taught-mosaic-artist-in-the-making” and love finding pictures and details of mosaic art from around the world from various artisits. I am always amazed at how much of one’s personality comes through in art… Michelle

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