Some mosaic in Sydney

I just returned from a trip to Sydney – love that place!!! Feel rather lucky, really, to live so close. I suppose moving has crossed our minds many times, but Canberra works too well for us right now. Maybe down the road… Anyway, as I was there for other business associated stuff, I didn’t have time to go out of my way to check out all the mosaic. There’s too much to see in a weekend anyway… but a little here and there goes a long way, right?

So I photographed what I did see. One was a sign for a restaurant in Darling Harbour. Interesting decor in there actually. I get easily bored by restaurant interiors because most just look the same and could easily be so much more interesting at not such a great cost, but they made the interiors stand out a little more from the usual.


The other one was a floor installation at the Circular Quay train station. It was all made from ceramic, and I can’t tell you who the artist is or when it was installed, but it has been made out of ceramic and the design was made in several areas of the station. Quite a clever design as it really improves the overall appearance without the feeling that it is so beautiful you don’t want to step on it!

Circular Quay

Last but not least, is the Sydney Opera House. I suppose it is not the mosaic that people find attractive with this building but I was looking at it and realised that the technique employed of using grout to create the scalloped look is part of mosaic technique. And the entire roof is made of ceramic tile. I can’t fathom how it was done, it’s just amazing! But I love that building. It really is an amazing piece of architecture, also because acoustically it is home to one of the best halls in the world! And of course I, as a sound engineer, have an interest in acoustics too…

Sydney Opera House

Apologies for the terrible photo. It was drizzling and I was on a “fairy” boat, as my daughter implied. 🙂

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One response to “Some mosaic in Sydney

  1. Wow – I didn’t know, that the Opera House has ceramic tiles on the roof. Amazing work. Great architecture. I love it. Thanks for the photo.

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