Mosaic Atlas

These guys are great! Bill Buckingham and Michael Welch, of Stillwater Mosaics, just seem to have this neverending passion for mosaic. They’ve set up yet another website where you can upload your photos of public mosaic art from anywhere in the world. It’s such a fantastic idea and certainly many artists are using it as another place to advertise their work, so they are both – again – helping out the mosaic community and also creating this one-stop travel guide. Check it out: it’s called Mosaic Atlas. Bill and Michael are also responsible for The Mosaic Yearbook, now in it’s 2nd year, of which I participated in last year.

This is what I love about mosaicists. Most really are such passionate and supportive people. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this anywhere else in other art forms, though I could be wrong!


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