Canberra Hospital Mosaics Part 3

This mosaic, also at the main entrance of the Canberra Hospital resides on the pavements surrounding it’s main entrance. One probably wouldn’t even notice it was there! In fact one nurse mentioned to me that she walked over it almost every day for the last 15 years and never really thought about it…

It appears to be made from handmade terracotta tile and glass. It was made by Jennifer Jones, Kaleen Watts, Nickolas Stranks and Roberta Simpson all of whom were part of the Brindabella Working Group, sister group to the Majura Women’s Group (who are Northside, Brindabella are Southside).

The accompanying plaque states:
“The pavement mosaic describes a journey through time and culture. The path travels through images from nature: under a microscope, from earth and plants, through invention, by belonging to this country.”

Made as part of the (then) new Woden Valley Hospital Arts Program in 1993, participants included youth from the Gugan Gulwan Koori Youth Group (an Indigenous support group) and Southside and Tumladden Youth Refuges. Tumladden provides young people, 16 – 18 years, with medium term supported accommodation and the development of independent living skills and Southside Youth Refuge, as I understand, is also a crisis accomodation refuge for young people.

The World Beneath our Feet


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2 responses to “Canberra Hospital Mosaics Part 3

  1. Yes! I would have to agree with you. Seems a shame really to go to all that work and not have it really noticed… Maybe it was made with that in mind (?) Who knows…

  2. alexandrudarie

    I dunno how people could walk on it, maybe because of the dirt. But that busy work, that has no composition law or order whatsoever, should be noticeable. While it’s a good piece, it’s clearly made by someone who doesn’t understand how flooring, mosaic or tiling works.

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