Canberra Hospital Mosaics Part 1

Suzie Bleach and Andrew Townsend were at it again back in 1993 with this public art installation at the main entrance of the Canberra Hospital (back then it was known as The Woden Valley Hospital). Made entirely from ceramic, it spans along two low walls – probably 30 odd metres!

Aptly named “The Quality of Life”, the accompanying plaque states: “The mural depicts the interreaction of people and the natural world, which is fundamental to Quality of Life”. It was pieced together with the help of Year 9 students from Braidwood Central School and senior citizens from the Woden Valley Senior Citizens Club.

Unfortunately it is falling apart. Such a shame because it is such lovely work… It appears that the mosaic was made onto fibre cement backer board and then screwed into a brick wall. As the wall curves around, I’m sure it must have been a logistical nightmare installing it. There are cracks along some of the seams and some of the mosaic is coming off panel by panel. In other places, it looks like it may have been kicked out? Who knows, but such a shame… I wonder why it wasn’t done on mesh and then adhered straight onto the brick wall. It seems like the logical thing to do…

Nevertheless, here it is. There are more photos on my flickr site.

Canberra Hospital

Canberra Hospital

Canberra Hospital

Canberra Hospital

Canberra Hospital


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