Yass Library Mosaics

Just to update: I got a call today regarding these mosaics. They were made by teenagers, the Yass Teenage Youth, a couple of years ago. The whole project was funded by the Yass Community Drug Action Team to help kids off the street and found a home in the alleyway by the library. It’s always nice to hear about community projects involving mosaic.

A friend pointed me out to these mosaics outside the entrance to the Yass Library. As far as I can tell, it was a community project done by high school students. As to when and exactly which high school, I have no idea. Noone I’ve talked seems to know and those who apparently do know never get back to me…

In any case, they certainly brighten up what would otherwise be a pretty grim throughfare. Each plaque is made with ceramic.

Yass Library yass_lib2.jpg yass_lib3.jpg yass_lib4.jpg

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