Rydges Eagle Hawk Resort Pool Mosaic

Eagle Pool Mosaic

Just over the ACT border heading north towards Sydney is a Rydges hotel with an eagle mosaic in their pool. I found out about this at the last markets I did. A tiler and his partner came to look at my work, in particular a picture of a butterfly. It’s not for sale and I heard him mention it must be a really special one. I turned around to correct him as it is not a particularly special one to me (although I did make it for myself) but wasn’t for sale also because I wasn’t happy with my grout colour selection. He looked at it and said “I’m a tiler and you can’t fault your grouting. It’s perfect.”

Well of course I”l take that as a true compliment coming from someone in the trade! They were a really lovely couple actually. We got to chatting, as you do, and he mentioned he worked on a mosaic at this hotel. So I rushed out there the other day to have a squizz and indeed here it is. My picture is not the best, but it was pretty hard to photograph because of the water. The Rydges website has a much better picture of it.

Noone from the hotel could tell me anything about it. I did however find out from the tiler at the markets that it was designed by an Argentinian man, who has since passed away. The hotel staff seemed to think it was made around 20 years ago. How accurate this is I have no idea. It is all made from ceramic tile.


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