Snow in Summer…

Canberra civic hail storm, originally uploaded by mrnamjama.

Here is a picture from the hailstorm in Canberra the other night – pretty wild and so arbitrary. We hardly had any rain that night, alot of thunder and lightning though (Cedar was fretting as she’s afraid of thunder, and trying to sit on me all night, poor girl!) and then at the ANU, where I study and work, it seems to have just concentrated on the campus.
Yesterday they closed the campus down. Most buildings were damaged. Apparently the School of Music have lost all their pianos (!), the Chifley Library ‘s roof caved in destroying a multitude of literature and art from the School of Art (irreplaceable!) and more. The old portables where I used to work are ruined apparently too.
Pretty devastating really. I had no idea it was this bad until I rocked up to my mechanic the morning after and he said to me “what about the storm last night?”. I still didn’t think too much of it until he told me about the hail and that the ANU was closed aswell as some parking garages in town, as the Canberra Centre was also damaged. Unbelievable…



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2 responses to “Snow in Summer…

  1. Yeah… I bet it stunk! I heard yesterday that the portable I previously worked in has been condemned!!!

  2. what a shame we don’t know who took them…. a great picture though, hey? the magic has worn off here at the anu – it’s really quiet (though our masters program goes ahead) and the reality of melted ice, mud and the stench of wet carpet it sinking in…..

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