We just got a dog! I am so very excited because I havn’t had a pet since leaving the US and have always wanted a German Shepherd but since having the kids have been put off only because of their size. Over the years I have been mulling it over, finding breeders and talking to them (2 of whom I found right in my area) and the other night I was just looking on the RSPCA website and came across this gorgeous dog: GSD x Keeshond, 2 years old. I thought, hmm… keeshond I dunno. But I got a very good feel about her and I took the kids to meet her last weekend and she’s perfect. She’s basically a smaller and softer GSD. Finally jumped through all the hoops (pardon the pun!) and picked her up this morning.

We’ve changed her name to Cedar (formerly known as Nala, poor thing!) and after the initial excitement of settling into the house, the yard and us (yet to go pick up the boys from school) she’s finally crashed out by my feet – she hasn’t left my side since I picked her up! What a sweetie 🙂 I think she’ll be happy here after living with 2 old chihuahuas in a caravan…

Anyway, how is this mosaic related you ask? We were given an old kennel from my sister, that is basically falling apart and when we moved it up on the deck I looked at it and thought, we’ve got enough materials here to build her a new one (DIY is big in our home: we’ve basically redone our whole house mostly ourselves also adding on a deck (50 square metres), but also smaller projects like the kids’ cubby house, chook pen etc…) and then kerching! hello?! Mosaic the kennel! It’s going to look awesome. I’ll just do the front, atleast I say so now, but I will because life is crazy right now and I’m about to start a new job next week that literally landed in my lap yesterday. I’m very excited about it but prioritising my time so that I can continue with the markets and make things for the gallery will be interesting. Those middle-of-the-night mosaicing will more frequently occur. Either that or I’ll get into the habit of waking up earlier than the kids. I love dawn – my Granny Jude used to say it was the best time of day and I have to agree, but winter here is no fun…

Anyway, it’s exciting – lots of ‘new’ occurrences this week.

cedar1.jpg    cedar2.jpg

cedar3.jpg    cedar4.jpg


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