The House of Representatives Gardens: Mosaic Fountain

By the Old Parliament House, in the House of Representatives Gardens is a mosaic fountain celebrating Women in Parliament. I found this in the National Capital Authority’s Magna Carta Walk:

“…The Old Parliament House Gardens were originally designed and built in the early 1930s, providing a place of leisure and recreation for parliamentarians. After parliament moved to ‘new’ Parliament House in 1988, the Gardens became neglected. They have now been reconstructed with the four rose gardens replanted with new roses and the building of new facilities.

In 1937 Miss Rosa Sibella Macarthur-Onslow, great granddaughter of John and Elizabeth Macarthur, donated 100 Étoile de Hollande roses to the parliamentary gardens in memory of the Macarthur’s pioneering work in the Australian wool industry. The Ladies Rose Garden was supported by the wives of federal politicians under the leadership of Dame Mary Hughes, wife of the former Prime Minister William Morris (‘Billy’) Hughes. Rose donations were sought at one shilling and fourpence.

Before entering the Ladies Rose Garden, turn right toward the Centenary of Australian Women’s Suffrage Commemorative Artwork.

Located on the parliamentary axis (Constitution Place through Old Parliament House to Magna Carta Place), this artwork celebrates the centenary of Australian women’s suffrage. With the passage of the Commonwealth Franchise Act in 1902, women were able to vote and stand for parliament for the first time — which they did in the election of 1903.

The artwork comprises a fountain and timeline, both of which feature a glass mosaic inspired by wisteria in the women’s movement colours of green, purple and white. The timeline records the milestones and significant achievements of women in Federal Parliament…”

The fountain is made purely with smalti and was designed by Andrew Smith and Kate Riley, both of whom work at the Old  Parliament House. The artist in question is Mary Stuart. I have googled her and not found anything, atleast not with any claim to this mosaic installation.







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