Gallery possibilities…

Wow, I had an appointment to show my work at a gallery today. It was all rather last minute; I walked into the gallery over the weekend on an off chance (whilst shopping looking incredibly daggy: hair all over the place, shorts, tshirt, thongs!) dragging the kids with me and asked if they would be interested in looking at my work and how I could go about doing that. To my slight  horror, the owner of the gallery was there and we just got to chatting. He was lovely and asked me to give him a call to set up a time to view some of my work.

Well yesterday I did, thinking I’d get in some time next week but the appointment ended up being for today! So after trying to force myself to feel very nonchalant about it all night, I woke this morning feeling rather nervous. So much so that after the morning coffee (yes, Richard the no-coffee-for-a-month lasted 5 days) I was trembling 😉 haha

Anyway, I brought in some pieces and my portfolio and overall he was rather impressed. Much more fascinated with the pieces I didn’t think he would really bat an eyelid at – my 3D forms. Which I love to do! So it was really exciting to hear that he wanted Myrtle there and then and Venetian Nights too. Alas, they are in the Royal Canberra Show’s Craft Exhibition next weekend. He seemed rather disappointed because he was of the opinion that they’d sell. I don’t know about that, many people love these pieces but they still have not sold… Anyway, another thing I was glad to hear was that he thought I was under-selling myself. I will admit I felt the same way, so hopefully this will be an opportunity to actually earn a living from my art. How incredible would that be!?

The markets have been fun to do and I’ll probably keep going but I’ve found there is a certain artistic compromise because most people who frequent the markets don’t come with the idea that they are looking for fine art to purchase.  Hopefully selling through a gallery will open up a different and wider clientele. Still, I have to keep my options open which I do intend to do. Also, I find that I can’t really mosaic while I’m there, so it is a whole day spent not being active and alot of work goes into something that I really don’t make much money on.

I’m just stoked that I’ve come this far! Woohoo 🙂 Time is an issue though. The older I get, the less I seem to have of it. I have a mural that I havn’t even started on yet, a floor down in Melbourne that I am very excited about and am in the design phase and now some more sculptural pieces to be ready for the gallery, plus I’m still working on inventory for the markets. My studio is absolutely jam packed with stuff I need to mosaic and I have some ideas milling around in my head for things I would like to do with mosaic – won’t come to fruition any time soon though. All that, and I start Uni in a week, I work only one day a week (hehe) and deal with the daily care of the kids (believe me running them around is hard work and I keep being told it’s only going to get worse!!!) . I don’t know how I’m doing it/going to do it.  I guess you do because it has to be done.

Anyway, overall it’s unbelievable. I hope it continues and this can filter into other aspects of life.


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