The Rosary Primary School, Watson

I was surfing the internet the other night and inadvertantly came across a mosaic mural here in Canberra that I didn’t realise existed. It’s been so fun photographing this collection because it is like finding treasure: wherever I go I might see more mosaic, which of course always has a story behind it. And certainly my first “free” day yesterday after working every day this month, was definitely mosaic-surprise-filled!

Anyway, this mosaic is located at The Rosary Primary School in North Canberra, a catholic school in Watson to be exact. I took the kids to go and see it and was a little perplexed to find that I was not all welcomed to photograph it. I will admit this bugged me, just because I believe that art should be made available to everyone. Frankly I also felt this contrasted with the theme behind the mosaic, but each to their own right? Anyway, I managed to persuade the woman that I was not doing any harm in photographing these mosaics and she was nice enought to let me in…

That rant aside 😉 when I walked into the quadrangle I was delighted to see that there were even more mosaics than I expected. The artist who created them all is Ingrid Masser-Ward. She is a parent of the school community and as I understand worked in a tile store. I almost fell off my chair when I read that this mural was her first mosaic – what a great way to start. I just loved that because most people tackle it the other way around and are so intimidated by a large project, but after a female builder told my sister once that building was like sewing, just on a bigger scale, combined with first laying eyes on a +100 track mixing console (me feeling quite daunted by it) and my teacher explaining to me that once you know one of these, you know the lot  – I realised that even with mosaic it’s all the same, just more of it… Still I guess tackling these larger projects is not necessarily using the same methods as you would a small one.

Anyway, I loved it, a really fantastic mural and must be so wonderful for the children. As I understand, it measures 16 square metres totalling some 64 000 tiles, all vitreous glass with millefiori added as highlights. Materials were donated by two local stores: Tilecraft and Prestige Tiles and adhesive donated by a Sydney-based business. Ingrid used the indirect method and had help from her sister and a work colleague every Friday and Saturday night over 6 months. That’s some stamina! The whole mural was completed on a $1000 budget, and alot of help from the school community. Fantastic!

The wall panels are approximately 1 square meter each and line the walls of the classrooms, also in the quadrangle. They really brighten the area up and make an otherwise ordinary school quadrangle, extraordinary.

Click on the picture to see it full size:

dsc04283.jpg    dsc04286.jpg    dsc04287.jpg    dsc04288.jpg    dsc04289.jpg    dsc04290.jpg    dsc04291.jpg    dsc04292.jpg    dsc04293.jpg    dsc04297.jpg


Pretty great huh?!  I’ve been wanting to do  something for my childrens’ school for a while now too, and this will hopefully be a great talking point and example when I approach the principal.

For what it’s worth, well done Ingrid! We need more people like you amongst our school communities.


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One response to “The Rosary Primary School, Watson

  1. Ingrid Massa-Ward

    Hi Kim,
    I’m glad you liked the mural, it was actually great fun creating it, slightly less fun installing it but overall worth it.
    Ingrid Massa-Ward

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