Curtin Shops

I was visiting my Dad in the hospital recently and needed to go buy him a toothbrush as there were a change of plans and for some dumb reason there are no toothbrushes available in a hospital!!! Anyway, I asked the receptionist at the hospital where the closest shops were. She told me that there were two local shops to choose from: Deakin or Curtin, which would I prefer? Not really caring, I just asked her to tell me how to get to the closest shops… So she sent me over to Curtin. Well, I never venture to that side of town normally and would never have known about the mosaics there. They are there adorning side tables, sitting next to the benches. They’re quite lovely. All made of stained glass, bordered by ceramic tile that looks to me like they were handmade specifically to suit these works, but I know they have these rounded tiles at other shops too…

I have not found out who the artist is – this concerns me as it has happened all too often. Makes me wonder about our views of each artist… – but I do know that it was overseen by the owner of the Milk Bar, Vince Kalokerinos, who has since passed away. He was central to the committee that got together to spruce up the shops. So it was a community project, where the artist obviously has a background in leadlighting. I’m hoping to get more information about who the artist is from Vince’s wife, and if I do I will certainly post it.

As you can see, the theme seems to be Australian Birdlife: the rosella, kookaburra, magpie,  cockatoo, galah, etc…

dsc04234.jpg             dsc04235.jpg    dsc04236.jpg    dsc04237.jpg    dsc04244.jpg    dsc04247.jpg    dsc04248.jpg    dsc04251.jpg


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One response to “Curtin Shops

  1. hannah

    Perhaps you would like to know that a development application has been lodged for the shops facing one side of this lovely meeting area to have a change of lease condition so that they can become residential complexes – highly likely these mosaics wont survive that change…

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