More Peter Crisp Mosaics…

I just can’t help it… I was thinking about all the mosaic Peter Crisp has done on his property and my initial post just didn’t do it all justice… So I thought I’d put more up 🙂 In the gardens he has had these two walls built out of besa blocks which then have the 2 main murals I posted back in December. The rear of these walls, that must be well over 12 feet tall, have mosaics aswell but they remain unfinished. On the sides he has mosaiced some medallions too, unfortunately most of them are hidden behind a huge pittosporum hedge. Well, of course being the mosaic maniac that I am, it didn’t stop me which in hindsight would’ve been hilarious to witness! 🙂

Being a glass artist, he has used all glass with the odd glass gem thrown in here and there.

So here they all are, in all their glory! Just click on the photo to see the full size.

Peter Crisp Gallery    dsc03100.jpg    dsc03101.jpg    dsc03102.jpg    dsc03103.jpg    dsc03111.jpg    dsc03112.jpg    dsc03113.jpg    dsc03114.jpg    dsc03117.jpg    dsc03118.jpg    dsc03119.jpg    dsc03120.jpg    dsc03122.jpg    dsc03123.jpg

In the entrance to his gift shop he has mosaiced part of the floor and put an iron pergola over the top weighted down by mosaiced concrete blocks. From memory his shop has a lavendar theme which is also portrayed in the floor.

dsc03129.jpg    dsc03130.jpg    dsc03132.jpg

So much work, but so very inspiring too! It makes me want to get to it and go crazy in my garden!


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