Change and a new beginning

So here it is folks – my official blog… after having tried it all out on blogger with some friends (to start with) I soon realised that it would be a good idea for me to have my own blog specifically for my thoughts on mosaic.

After having seen some sites with pictures of ancient mosaics (the real deal) coupled together with my now ever increasing itchy feet, I long to go to Italy and Turkey and everywhere else that these gorgeous, amazing mosaics still stand!!! Something to look forward to: my next trip around the world specifically for mosaic and gardens! The site I mentioned above belongs to Norman Tellis I believe – I like his work! He was certainly an inspiration in the beginning for me…

I have waited for this obsession to slow down and for me to get on with my life, but the more I do and the more I look, the more I become obsessed. I’ve started checking out a few online mosaic groups to see what they’re like and although I have not found anything I can really relate to, it is a world unto itself! Mosaic artists are obsessive. It’s really very strange.

Having said that as of today I am officially done with Uni for the year (yay for me!!!) which means mosaic my heart out! I’m hoping to start selling at the Kingston Markets. I’ve said it for ages now and then got sidetracked with exhibitions… I went to have a looksee last weekend and there is a lass that mosaics there already but her style is very different to mine, so I think it certainly is a possibility. Something to do on a Sunday, as if I don’t already have enough! It’s on my to do list to call and make an appointment to show my portfolio. Yep, you guessed it, another to do entry ;)… gotta buy ink first! Ayayay.

Well, I’ll be heading up to Sydney on Saturday to drop off my 2 pieces for the Mos-Oz exhibition, and also have an outing with the girls 😉 I am a little nervous about it as it is only my 2nd exhibition but I am really looking forward to seeing other people’s work and to also meet some new, likeminded people. Fingers crossed my work will be somewhat well received…


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One response to “Change and a new beginning

  1. You go girlie!! Post some pics!
    Love your big sis!

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